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Inspection And Certification Services

We are the home of the IntegriCert tm portable load test unit. Our load test units can load test equipment up to 125,000 lbs. Our portable system can adjust to suit any size basket, box or skid.
We provide load testing in accordance with all applicable industry standards such as:
(1) BSEN 7072 (2) BSEN 12079 (3) Shell Standards (4) BP Standards (5) BHP Standards

This unique load testing method provides a full integrity load test of shipping containers, boxes, baskets and skid. Our equipment test more that just the pad eyes. By simulating actual load on the equipment, we can test the strength of the bottom, sides and overall construction integrity of the cargo unit.
During testing, we conduct a visual inspection and an inspection of all material welds that are in critical load areas. A Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of all critical areas is also performed. We provide a certificate of load test and inspection along with NDT results.

We provide in-house and on-site inspections services. Our inspection services are performed by experienced personnel who are qualified to ASNT-TC1 standards and possess Level II qualifications for MT, PT and UT-Limited.

What we inspect:



Handling tools

Hoisting equipment



Drill Motors


We also conduct video bore scope inspections for drill motors and drill collars and pipe.

2.3          X-RAY/NDT TESTING

Envite undertakes Non Destructive Testing with reference to radiographic activities in all facility fabrication with as it relates with the oil and gas industries. We have standard equipment and trained radiographer that handles all forms of Non destructive testing operations.

In addition to the NDT services, we prequalify both pipe/Tank and structural welder for our clients. This we do by conducting weld test for as numerous welder as possible, conducting NDT on each welder weld, there after issue certificates to successful ones. This scope have given us an edge over our competitors who focus only on conducting the NDT test in the work site.

We shall be glad to serve you in this capacity.


Envite Nigeria Limited in partnership with Crane Tech, can relieve your staff of this time consuming and technically demanding task.  Each ENVITE inspector is a fully qualified inspector by Crane Tech.  CRANE TECH under US Department of Labor Maritime inspections are conducted by personnel accredited under 29CFR Part 1919.  This assures you that each inspector has met rigorous performance requirements with documented experience.

In many ways Crane Tech wrote the book on material handling inspection.  Starting in the 1970's many organizations, as well as the US Department of Labor, had limited compliance inspection skills.  Through the efforts of Crane Tech many of today's inspection procedures and reporting methods were pioneered by the founders of our company.
This tradition continues to the present time, with extensive inspector training for the US Department of Labor, and  Minerals Management Services compliance officers, hence this prompted Envite Nigeria Limited to go into partnership with no other company but CRANE TECH. 
When you consider who is qualified to perform critical inspections, it should be Envite Nigeria Limited in partnership with Crane Tech

Major Services Include
● On-Site Training   
● Competency Assessment
● Training Seminars  
● Procedure Writing
● Specialized Program Development
● On-Site Consultants & Lift Directors
● Accident Investigation & Expert Witness
● Inspection & Certification of Cranes

Specialized Training Services Include

● Mobile Cranes
● Overhead Cranes & Hoists
● Rigging (Basic Level to Master)
● Pedestal Cranes (On-shore & Off-shore)
● Forklifts (Counterbalance & Telescopic)
● Aerial Lifts
● Earth Moving Equipment
● Tower Cranes
● And, a host of other equipment types

Available Programs

  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • NCCCO Certified Operator
  • Tower Crane Operator
  • Overhead Crane Operator
  • Articulating Crane Operator
  • Signal Person Qualification
  • Rigger Qualification Level 1
  • Rigger Qualification Level 2
  • Master Rigging Practices
  • Mobile Crane Inspector
  • Overhead Crane & Hoist Inspector
  • Pedestal Crane Inspector
  • Rigging Inspector
  • Aerial Lift Operator
  • Forklift Operator (Vertical Mast)
  •  Forklift Operator (Telescopic Boom)
  • Ship Mounted Crane Operator
  • Container Crane Operator
  • Straddle Crane Operator
  • Bucket Truck Operator
  • Reach Stacker Operator
  • Crane Lift Planning

Inspection Service For:

  • Mobile Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Hoists & Hoist Support Systems
  • Rigging

 Envite inspections are professional and reliable… Providing you an unbiased third party equipment evaluation.
Our Inspectors Will: 

  • Review your current records for conformance with state and Federal laws.
  • Provide a comprehensive safety compliance inspection of your equipment using the most up-to-date standards and regulations.
  • Conduct an operational test and, where necessary, a load test to assure that all safety systems are operational and the equipment is operating properly.
  • Complete each inspection using modern record keeping methods with a reporting system that provides you detailed inspection information and which conforms to Federal Regulations.
  • Provide your company a documentation folder containing all inspection records, wire rope and hook reports and certification documents.  These documents are prepared to enable your staff to conduct and record required monthly inspections.
  • Provide decals and documentation to place on your equipment to attest to your compliance.


Effective November 8, 2010 all “Signalpersons” and “Riggers” shall be qualified.  This is a mandatory requirement in accordance with 29 CFR 1926.1400 Regulations.
Rigger qualifications are required as mentioned under §1926.1404(r)(1) and §1926.1425(c)(3).
Envite has scheduled numerous back to back programs to assist the construction industry to comply with this . 
The duration of each program is 8 hours.  Don't wait, these programs are limited to 15 persons per class and will sell out quickly.
Qualified Rigger keys on the specific requirements of OSHA 1926.1400. 

A qualified rigger is needed during assembly/disassembly of cranes, when employees are engaged in hooking, unhooking, or guiding the load, or in the initial connection of a load to a component or structure and are within the fall zone. A qualified rigger is defined as a qualified person who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate or professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training and experience, successfully demonstrated the ability to solve/resolve problems relating to rigging. NCCCO certified riggers meet this requirement [1926.1404; 1926.1425].
This course brings all of the rigging concerns into focus for a practical, field proven method of ensuring rigging safety.

Since 2010 Envite Nigeria Limited began offering these services, we have been involved in both major and minor projects in the oil and gas industries. Though new as a company, we have made some advancement in our quality delivery and this gave rise to the numerous customers we are servicing in the industry. The bulk of our involvement has been in the complete proof load testing and certifications, coupled with other complementary services such as Leasing, flushing, valve servicing and maintenance, corrosion monitoring, and chemical injection, bolt tensioning and instrument calibrations.