We are the home of the IntegriCert portable load test unit. Our load test units can load test equipment up to 125,000 lbs (60,000 kg). Our portable system can adjust to suit any size basket, box or skid. Our load test unit saves you the cost of Crane/forklift hire.

We  provide  load  testing  in  accordance  with  all  applicable  industry  standards  such  as:

(1) BSEN 7072 (2) BSEN 12079 (3) Shell Standards (4) BP Standards (5) BHP Standards

This unique load testing method provides a full integrity load test of shipping containers, boxes, baskets and skid. Our equipment test more that just the pad eyes. By simulating actual load on the equipment, we can test the strength of the bottom, sides and overall construction integrity of the cargo unit.

During testing, we conduct a visual inspection and an inspection of all material welds that are in critical load areas. A Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of all critical areas is also performed. We provide a certificate of load test and inspection along with NDT results. Our Load Test Unit, Eliminate your cost of crane hire.